M, the Literary Lemming (literarylemming) wrote in charlie_claire,
M, the Literary Lemming

DISCUSSION: 2x15 "Maternity Leave" (take two!)

Let's try this again, shall we? ;) LOL! Sorry about the mix up last week, folks. Can you tell my head wasn't in the game? I'll try not to do it again!

Remember, DO NOT post spoilers for future episodes in your comments to this post!
Speculation about the trailer for next week's episode is allowed, provided that speculation does not include outside spoilers

All events from tonight's episode are considered spoilers until 10pm EST on Thursday, 03/02! Please be sure to mark all posts that contain spoilers -- including but not limited to fanfic, icons, and other artwork -- with appropriate spoiler warnings, and keep anything incriminating under an LJ Cut. Even after the official spoiler date has passed, please be courteous to your out-of-country C&Cers and try to play spoilers close to the vest. Thank you! :)

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